The daily wardrobe of a working girl

Every morning as I get dressed for work, I am amazed at how I got here. Usually in the form of a question, it comes up in my mind all the time whilst doing the little things here and there that now make up my daily routine. This morning it happened as I lay in bed thinking about what to wear for the day. Gone are the days when work clothes meant skirts, capris and nice tops with pretty (often impractical) shoes. Some days the make-up is even non-existent. Instead, my daily wardrobe consists of layer upon layer, none of which could be considered pretty or even particularly feminine.

I now wear: a pair of leggings, jeans, tank top, long sleeve tee, sweater or sweatshirt, two pairs of socks (only one pair if they are alpaca), a Carhart coat I stole from my brother’s past, two pairs of gloves, a big cozy scarf and sturdy shoes.

It’s all about necessity and function…I need to stay warm. Two weeks ago I was really worried because my hands and feet turn to ice almost as soon as I start to work down in the barn or in the freezers, then a friend explained the following to me: I’ve only ever worked in an office before. Staying warm last year was required from the car to the office door, at most a 45 second walk. Now the cold is something I deal with for hours rather than seconds.

Today will be a make-up day (I even considered curling my hair but don’t have the time) because today is my birthday. Birthday girls have to look their best even if it’s to go through a new order of beef.


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